My Personal Plan is a Little Different

This is my personal plan.  Since I am getting close to 70 years old, I have come up a plan that I can implement faster.  At an average of 6% gain per month, your money basically doubles every year.  I plan to put $25,000 into my trading account and $200 every month for the first year.  That will double into $50,000 my second year.  I will continue to add $200 monthly to my account.  That will double into $100,000 my 3rd year.  When my account hits $100,000 I will be making about $6000 to $7000 per month in interest.  I plan to take out $5000 each month to add to my retirement.  I will leave the rest in my trading account to compound and will also continue to add $200 each month into the account.  When my account reaches $200,000 which could take 2 or 3 more years,  I will take out $10,000 per month and let the rest continue to compound.  If I am healthy and feel as good at 70 as I do at 67, I will not take any money out of my account until it hits $200,000 and I can retire at $10,000+ per month.

You can come up with different variations of this plan to fit yourself.  For instance, you could start with $50K and it would double in 1 year to $100K.  Or, you could start with $25K but wait 4 years to take anything out.  Then, you could retire at $10K per month.  It is all dependent on your age and your ability to fund your account.  If you get creative, you can find many other variations.  These are just some of my ideas.

NOTE:  Past results do not guarantee future performance!

You will find me posting this statement everywhere I advertise.  You will want to do the same.